Netgear n300 wifi range extender – Product Review

Netgear n300 wifi range extender

Netgear is a multinational computer networking company in San Jose, California, including 25 countries. It manufactures the best quality networking products for all users. The company is popularly known for providing advanced feature products and top-notches services. Therefore, here we are going to discuss the Netgear N300 wifi range extender. Here in this post, the user will get aware of the product’s basic features and functionality. 

Basic Features of Netgear N300 wifi range extender

The Netgear N300 makes it easy for all users to do more with their digital devices. One can experience safe and secure browsing and online surfing. It enables users to create a better home network for applications. It also provides a fast, reliable connection to the internet and a secure wireless connection too. So, scroll down and find out some fantastic features of Netgear N300.

  • It supports Windows and Ios device
  • It gives the speed up to 300 Mbps
  • Easy to use dashboard for monitoring, controlling, and repair home networks
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Wireless security with high-grade protection

Additional Features of Netgear N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender

The Netgear N300 range Extender boosts the existing Wi-Fi network to places out of the current Wi-Fi reach. , plug it into the electrical outlet, and give the Wi-Fi a boost. Therefore, the external antennas provide an extra range for good online surfing. Moreover, apart from the basic features below, we’ve discussed the Netgear N300 Wi-Fi range extender’s additional features. 

  • Fast Ethernet Port
  • External Antennas
  • Push & Connect
  • Compatible
  • Boost N300 Wi-Fi
  • Smart LED Indicators

Good Facts about Netgear N300

The Netgear N300 has been praised for having better features than many other networking gadgets. Below listed are the favorite things about Netgear N300.

  • It covers the come completely
  • It is easy to afford
  • It is safe and secure
  • It allows fast online streaming
  • It enables the users to control what their children are accessing on the internet
  • It is easy to install
  • Sharing photos, music, and much more across the network is easy
  • It also has advanced features that reduce the interference

Bad Facts about Netgear N300

The Netgear N300 may be incredibly good than other routers, but there are still some undesirable features. Therefore, some negative features of the Netgear N300. So, go through the details provided below regarding the bad things.

  • It does not give access to the users to customize their username
  • It takes time while booting and connecting with the network
  • The antennae are non-detachable
  • The wi-fi speed decreases through walls.

Pros & Cons about Netgear N300

In comparison with other similar networking products, Netgear N300 is cheaper. Through the genie web user interface, advanced options such as modifying security settings or updating firmware are easy to access.


  • Easy Setup and Installation procedure
  • It is a cost-effective product
  • It is used to extend home and office network


  • For non-tech-savvy users, it would get difficult to configure

These all were the pros and cons of the Netgear N300 Wi-Fi range extender. Moreover, the user can keep them connected by giving a boost to the existing Wi-Fi coverage. This device is easy to install, and it also creates new Wi-Fi connectivity for up to 1 wired device such as a Game console, Smart TV, or Blu-Ray player. 

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