Netgear Router IP

Neatgear Nighthawk IP Address - What is Netgear Router IP?

Netgear Router IP address is used for log in to your router in order to view or change its settings. Go through the given information for Netgear router login and to personalize its IP address.

Initial Preparations for Login

  1. In the first place, unpack your router, and attach its antennas to the upward direction.
  2. Connect the router’s power cord to the wall outlet. Ensure that the Power LED light is lit and stable. 
  3. If you are using any modem to enhance the network range and speed, connect your router to the modem by using an ethernet cable.  
  4. Bring your computer near to your router. Build a connection between your computer and router wirelessly or by using an ethernet cable. 
  5. For a wireless connection, you must know the default SSID name and password of your router. You can acquire the details from the label given at the back of your router.

Netgear Router Login Using Default IP Address On PC

Once the initial preparations are done, follow the below-mentioned steps to log in to your Netgear router. 

  1. Run a secure and supported web browser on your operating system. You can make a selection between different available web browsers, for example, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Mozilla, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. Now, you have to navigate to the Netgear login window. In accordance with that, place your cursor in the address bar and input the default IP address i.e 
  2. By pressing the Enter key, the Netgear Router IP login window will be launched on your screen. There you will view two specific fields i.e “Username” and “Password”. As you are login to your router for the first time, you have to use the default credentials to access the setup page. 
  3. The default Username of all the Netgear router models is admin. However, the default password is “password”. Also, both the credentials are to be entered into small case letters. After providing both the details, click on the Next button. 
  4. This will open up the Netgear Router setup page on your screen. There you can modify or adjust all the settings of your router. For example, you can select the “Wireless Settings” option and change the router SSID, Wifi Password, Security Type, enable or disable SSID Broadcast, etc. In this manner, you can use the Netgear Router IP address for login. 

How to login to your router via the web interface on mobile?

  1. On your mobile, locate the “Settings” icon and tap on it. A list of different options will be available on your screen. Select “Wireless Networks”. 
  2. Following this, tap “Wifi” and your device will start searching for the routers that are available near your area. Select your default Netgear router SSID, enter your password and tap “Join”. 
  3. This will start establishing connection among your device and router. Once the connection is developed, you have to launch a current version of any web browser. 
  4. Type the Netgear router IP i.e in the web browser’s address and tap the Enter key. 
  5. Doing so, you will see an Authentication Required pop-up box on your mobile screen. Provide the Default credentials i.e Username and Password into the space provided and then tap “Log In”. With this, you will reach the Netgear router setup page. There you can change all the LAN settings, wireless settings, admin password, Security Type, etc. 

How to change the Netgear Router IP address?

The Netgear router IP address can be customized and you can set a specific one based on your choice. Doing so, no unauthorized user will be able to access your router admin page. Also, it is important to change your router IP address in order to avoid conflict with the IP address of a router and modem that are presently installed on the network. Following are the instructions to change your Netgear Router IP address. 

    1. To customize Netgear router IP address, download the Netgear Insight application from the Play Store or App Store depending upon your mobile version. 
    2. Once the downloading is done, tap Open to access the Netgear Insight application on your mobile. 
    3. In the next window, tap on the Create an Account button. Specify all the details including First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Country Name. Then, set a password for your Netgear account and confirm it also. After reading all the terms and conditions, tap “Create Account”. 
    4. Enable Two-Step Verification and Touch ID and then tap Continue. 
    5. Following this, select your location, and a list of all the routers that are nearby your area will get displayed on your screen. 
    6. Select your specific router from the list available for which you want to change the IP address. In the next window, you need to select the WAN IP option. 
    7. Then, turn off the Assign IP Address Automatically option. Once you turn it off, you will be asked to provide a new IP address for your router. 
    8. So, input a new IP address into the space allotted and then tap “Save”.
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