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Prerequisites For Netgear Extender Setup

  1. Unpack your extender properly and attach its antennas to get high network range and speed. 
  2. Setup your router that you would like to extend and connect it to the power source. Ensure that the Power LED light of your router is lit. 
  3. You must know the default login credentials of your Netgear Extender. You can obtain the login Username and Password from the label pasted on the backside of your extender. 
  4. If you want to install your Netgear Extender through the WPS push button or WPS PIN, your standard router should be of the same technology. 
  5. If your computer cannot be connected with the Extender via Wireless method, you should have an appropriate Ethernet cable and a working ethernet port on your PC.

Know-How to Setup Your Extender via Netgear Genie

For setting up the “mywifiext local” extender through Netgear Genie, you have to read and follow the below-mentioned instructions. 

  1. The primary step is to connect your extender to an electrical outlet that is close to your router. The power LED light will start flickering and then become solid green. 
  2. Now, power on your computer, open the Wifi manager, and select the default name of your extender i.e NETGEAR_EXT. In just a few seconds, a stable connection will be formed between your extender and PC. Also, the “Device” LED light on your extender will lit up. 
  3. Continuing with this, you need to access a web browser that is compatible with your system. Then, insert the default Netgear Router IP address of your extender i.e into the web browser’s address bar. 
  4. By pressing the Enter key, a new window will open up on your screen. There you will view a tab i.e “New Extender Setup”, click on it. This will bring up the Netgear Genie Create Account window. 
  5. To create an account for the first time, you have to fill the form and complete all the details. Enter your email address, set a password for your account, select a Security Question & Answer, and then click on the Next button to proceed with the “mywifiext local” extender setup. 
  6. It will start scanning for all the routers that exist near your area. From the router list of 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, you have to recognize your router name and then select it. Following this, click on the Next button. 
  7. With this, you will be redirected to the “Mywifiext local” Password window. Input your Wifi password into its allotted field and click on the Next button. In the event, you are unable to remember your password, you can log in to your router, open the wireless settings page, and take a note of your password. 
  8. After entering the password, you will see the Extender Settings window. Provide a new name for your extended wireless network so that it will be easier for you to identify your Wifi name. Along with this, set a difficult password for your extended network so that no other user can access your network without your knowledge. 
  9. When done, click Next. Doing so, a new window containing your Extended Wifi credentials will come into view. Copy the details somewhere and then press Continue.
  10. A message will be shown on your screen signifying that the “mywifiext local” extender setup is completed. Click Next.

Alternative Methods to Connect Your Extender With the Router

Here are the alternative methods through which you can set up and configure your extender settings. 

WPS Push Button: There is another way through which you can quickly set up your “mywifiext local” extender i.e WPS Push Button. First of all, bring your extender in the same room as your router, connect it to the power outlet and then press the WPS push button on your extender. Once the WPS LED light starts blinking, go to your access point or router and press the WPS button. Your Netgear extender will start synchronizing with the router and when the connection is established, the WPS light on the extender will lit up and turn into green. 

Using the Router’s WPS PIN: After powering on both your extender and router, connect the Extender to your PC via wireless or wired method based on your choice and availability. Now, access an internet browser, type the IP address i.e in the web browser’s address bar and then press the Enter key to launch the Extender login window. Login to your “mywifiext local” extender by using Username as “admin” and default Passcode as “password”. When the main “mywifiext local” setup window appears, select the Settings option and click “Do More”. Then, move ahead by selecting the “Connect Devices(WPS) option. In the WPS PIN field, input your router PIN and click Next. Your Netgear extender is now linked with your router.